from mind to reality

drift donot
drift donot

Driftwoods is a concept sports park that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of a weekend family.  The themed destination in Metro Tagaytay will cater to stress releases, body conditioning, team training, while experiencing being at the midst of nature.

The casitas will be opened for an extremely private life away from the stressful urban living.  Envisioned is an experience of waking up and taking a bath in the middle of a forest, suiting up for a long mountain bike run and getting back dirtied and pores open after a perspiring trip with the local gps appointed tracks.

The casitas users may also relax in the multipurpose function area for spa and even some group or band activities in the nighttime.

Within the complex is a covered basketball gym with ready lines for different ball sports.

The expansive rolling terrain shall also be a home for Philippine bicycle races for mountain bike and bmx.   Expect rugged sports within the complex.

Consistent with the theme of “never heard” activity will be an area for drifting cars with cars that can be rented for drifting.   An area for drift car parking can also be rented with a personal garage.  Car lifters and maintenance area shall be designed to accommodate tire changes, car restoration, and even car shows from time to time.

CONCEPT… ideas, brainstorm… from mind to reality.


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