Lodge 165 Family Camping March 7-8, 2015

More pictures to follow.  One of the successful initial projects of WM Jon Arayata.  They never thought though that the area is cold especially during the nights.  Anyway the the cold night was ably answered by the never ending logs on our campfire.

Of record is the Quadcopter of  Kuyang Gilbert Mendoza that ran adrift due to the strong winds.  Loaded with a Go Pro Hero Camera, we didn’t expect that it will come back crashing after the long wait that the chopper was out of sight.

The night was a fun night of basketball for the kids.  Food was of endless supply.  The morning is an attack of the MTB tracks, RC car jumps and Rally Racing experiences.

We had a surprising arrival in the person of Ex Mayor Joy Peñano, his wife and grandchilren who arrived in their RV / Camper Van.  Of course, they stayed for the night.

Attendance to follow: initially we have this list, Kuya Jon, Ate Honey and Family; Kuya Gilbert and FAmily, ; Kuya Richard and Family; Kuya Josey and Ate Gia, ; Kuya Ace, Kuya Felix, Kuya Noriel, Ate Raquel and FAmily; Kuya Billy and FAmily; Kuya Mark and Family; Kuya Karlo, Kuya Jomar and family; Kuya Wesley and Kid; Kuya Mon Clavesillas and family who went back the following day to bring and to cook our breakfast.

dw camping march 7-8 2015 dw camping march 7-8 20152_MG_3449_MG_3451_MG_3476_MG_3491_MG_3518


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