To provide our client an experience with nature while enjoying their event.


To share nature to prospective clients who will conduct important events and ceremonies in their lives such as:

A. Wedding, Debut and Anniversaries

B. Thanksgiving party

C. Baptism and Ceremonies for Sacraments

D. Team Building for Corporate Events, Product Launch, School Graduation, Camping

E.  Sporting Activities, Indoor and Outdoor Airsoft Games, Mountain Bikes, BMX Trails, RC Racing.

We are the local team from the cool City of Tagaytay. As locals, we have the mastery of our place.

As part of the tourism thrust of our city, we are offering our services for all kinds of events and not necessarily confined with the above enumeration. With the opening of different venues in our city, it is easy to be confused with the competition. To take one and exclude the others and then suffer the consequences of non-professional coordination. We take that out of the equation. We give you only the fine choices where your memories will be what it is supposed to be – memorable that you cherish the whole of your life.

Ms. Edith M. Sumagui is the main designer of our group. She came equipped with her experience with the Philippine Tourism Authority as Operations Manager of several of its resorts. Before then, she finished at Sta. Isabel College in Manila and later took up graduate courses at the University of Toronto in Canada.

Her family owns several establishments in the City and she doesn’t come without political background, she being the fruit of a large political family in the City. Her kins continue to serve the city in several official capacities as Councilors, Vice-Mayoralty post, City Administration and tourism related positions.

Backed by competent caterers, restaurant managers, banquet managers, florists, photographers and even lawyers, your affair be better left with the pros.


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    should you find a page to be password protected, just text us and we will gladly supply the password.

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