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Pedalbike and Motorbike Rentals

Do you have sweet ride collecting dust in your garage?

Drop it off at DRIFTWOODS SPORTS PARK (DSP) and earn money from it!

Here’s how. Drop your ride off at the shop then decide the terms of the rent for your ride (ex. rate per hour/day/kilometer). Then collect your earnings in person or via online money transfer from DSP after every transaction.

Of course, before the customer takes the ride, they will submit their valid driver’s license or any valid identification and sign an agreement that they are responsible for any cost should the ride get damaged and a waiver on any unfortunate event incurred by the customer after the ride.

For marketing, storage and maintenance, the shop is entitled to 10%, at least, of every customer transaction on each of your rides. (Percentage may vary).

Start earning from your ride today!

For those who want to rent, you are entitled to use our helmet, the showers and locker room. ENJOY TAGAYTAY BACKROADS the best and sporty way. We will advise the routes of your preference depending on your riding capability. Maybe you can start right at the back of our Shop for an overdose of adrenaline experience down Taal Lake.

YOU CAN ALSO REQUEST FOR A TRAIL GUIDE for an added sum of P500.00 per group of max of 5 riders.


Call Kalvin for details at 09173271346