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ANCOM 2017 at Driftwoods – Accepting Reservations

Driftwoods Sports Park is now accepting reservations for the ANCOM 2017 which will be held in Tagaytay City coming April.  It is about 7km from the Ancom Venue but we can provide vehicles to taxi delegates to the site on scheduled time.

Explore our website to see our cottages and special rooms.

On a tight budget, we are offering a special offer of P300.00 per day per head by suggesting that you use the facilities bringing your tent or sleeping bags. That means you can sleep on tents and use the showers and restrooms without extra cost to you. To top it all, you are assured of being nestled under natural conditions. A Lodge can also reserve a private area to pitch their tents.

Initially, the WIDOWS SONS have already signified their intention to stay at Driftwoods since it is the best place to be when you are on a motorcycle. Right now, 2 cottages that can accommodate 6 head each is open for reservation.  For Tents, the vast area can accommodate even the whole ANCOM.

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