Perfect as an events place.  The gym area is designed to hold big events and gatherings.

In a wedding reception, a wedding designer made the event so fluid that it looks like you are in a “one-take filming”.  As recalled, here is the sequence taking into consideration that he rented the whole park:

1.  Entry and roadside were designed with flowers

2.  Left side of the road was utilized as added parking with appropriate signage, although all the cars were duly accommodated in the parking space.

3.  General entry to the reception was afforded with a garden walk full of flowers and led lighting, straight to the registration of guests and gift drop-off.

4.  Bridal Car and Principal entourage were escorted to the back entry road, then to the special designated parking and lounge area with pica-pica that can accommodate 50 people with ease.

5.  Bride and Groom proceeded upstairs to the bridal room and the other sponsors were afforded make-up retouch on the other room.

6.  As soon as wedding coordinator signaled that all the guests were seated and ready, with the band playing, the entourage made a dramatic walk-down on the other stair directly to the stage for grand introduction, and finally the walk-down by the Groom and Bride.

7.  After all the sequences have dripped down, the bride and groom were escorted to the Robusta cottage, 150 meters from the loud party, for some period of silence.



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