Package 3 (Full)



The coordination with take into consideration the technical, creative, logistical aspects of the event. The preliminary meeting will take into consideration the client budget and how to fit it to the desired result. The following will also be taken into consideration:

1. Mapping out the needed supplies and suppliers for the event;

2. Presentation of suppliers based on the client’s budget

3. Assist client in assessing and choosing suppliers;

4. set up appointment with chosen suppliers

5. Monitored coordination of contracted suppliers;

6. Management of clients’ schedule and deadlines

Ready on tap are 1 Event Manager and 4 Event Coordinators assigned to your event from preparation stage to the event proper.

1. Preliminary conference with client. It is ideal that this conference be held at Tagaytay City, the same to be followed by visit of several venues. Client shall bear the cost of meeting over lunch or dinner.

2. After confirmation of reception venue and date of event, a contract shall be signed and appropriate payment of 50% of the coordination fee must be paid in cash or check. Payments must also be made to the coordinator, in trust, for the venue, caterers, and other amenities, in accordance with the payments’ schemes of selected venue, caterers or other amenities. The coordinator shall then make the appropriate payments, retrieving in the process the receipts for immediate transmittal to the client.

3. The following are the specific tasks of the coordinator under this package:

Ø Reservation of Church together with the payment of reservation fees, if required by the Church.*

Ø Provide client with the list of Church requirements necessary for the solemnization of marriage

Ø Recommend a Solemnizing Officer

Ø Ocular inspection of desired venue to determine the updated amenities and services offered.

Ø Canvass current rates for Hotel Venue, Catering and Banquet Hall;

Ø coordinate with Venue and Caterers on the amenities required by the client such as food choices, motif/theme, transport services, musicians, cakes, make-up artist, tent rentals.

Ø Send copy of receipts, contract via surface mail or email.

Ø Coordinate and meet with approved catering services, hotel managers, and other technical people who will assist in the preparation.**

Ø Confirmation of Venue and Caterers subject to appropriate percentage of down payment required by the venue and Caterers. Amount is deductible to the total contracted amount. We will facilitate the payment of the said fees.

Ø Supervise the activities of the day before the event and throughout the day of the reservation, assisted by crew and other event managers under their specific tasks for the success of the operation

Ø Assist the Photographers for the pictorial including the fixing of the gown in the mannequin and fixing the wedding materials on the bed.

Ø Strictly implement the allocated time for each day’s itinerary

Ø Ensure the timely departure of the bride from the hotel to arrive at the church at least 30 minutes before the ceremony.

Ø Distribution of flowers and wedding materials to the members of the entourage. Arrange missalettes.

Ø Arrange the order of procession, Grand Entrance of the Bride, Supervise the wedding rites up to recessional.

Ø Facilitate booking of hotels and other lodging accommodations for the client, their guests and entourage, if so desired

Ø Arrange package tours for the honeymooners and guests of the couple for a guided tour of Tagaytay City

Ø Arrange for the tokens, giveaways, photo and video shoots, slide shows, and other memorabilia.

Ø Offer local packages within Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


*Please note that only Catholic wedding are solemnized strictly in the Parish Church. Other religions are allowed celebrations in Gardens and even pools.

** Technical People hired separately by the client must be under the direct control and supervision of the herein coordinator

  1. Kindly mark the appropriate checklist of the other amenities that you would like the coordinator to arrange
  • Caterer
  • Bridal Transport and Limo Service
  • Entourage Transport Vans
  • Musicians (Band, Choir, Quartet, Classic Guitar, Orchestra, Soloist/Acapella)
  • Cakes (Regular, Fondant, Personalized)
  • Rings (made to order)
  • Couturiers and Wedding Designers
  • Tent Rentals (Physical Arrangement)
  • Waiters and Bartender Services
  • Fireworks Display
  • Make up Artist and Hairstylists Package. Good for 3. Groom may also be accommodated if he is booked on the same hotel as the bride.
  • Photo and Video Packages
  • After Wedding Beach Package
  • Other Airline Travel Requests with booking to Foreign or Local Destinations
  • Memorabilia and Tokens

When checked, meetings with appropriate experts on the above will be arranged for you.

Crew included in the package:

  • Banquet Manager
  • Bridal Assistant. She will visit the bride to ensure that all things are ready for the wedding day. She will also be by the side to assist in all her needs throughout the day.
  • Groom Assistant. He will ensure that all things are ready for the wedding day. He will assist the groom on all his needs for the whole day.
  • Food and Beverage Supervisor (on top of catering services)
  • Security and crowd control
  • Usherettes/Receptionists
  • Chief Transport Officer
  • Maintenance Crew
  • Sounds, Lights and Electrical Supervisor
  • 2 Production Assistants

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