Package 5 (Day Itself)

We take this arrangement if given only 1 month preparation. It is understood that the client have made the preliminary preparations and we will only work closely with the clients to ensure that all detailed instructions are followed and that all suppliers comply with the corresponding commitments. The client completed all the sourcing and booking of suppliers. Assistance is given during the last 4 weeks prior to the event. Services include:

  • Briefing with suppliers and participants
  • Creating and management of flow of the program including time management; gift and guest registration management; guest seating plan; left over food management; suppliers payment management. Minimum of 4-5 professional coordinators equipped with 2-way radios.

3 thoughts on “Package 5 (Day Itself)”

  1. Cost of this package shall be dependent on what stage the clients have gone through their preparations. A meeting with the client is a must.

  2. HI good day, can you send me your on the day coordination rate?thanks. I just need someone who will make sure that my suppliers is on time and did everything that was in the contract. i also need someone who will assist the quest.

    More power!

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