Off-road Remote Controlled (R/C) Cars find their home at Driftwoods.  We have off-road tracks for your practice.  Later we will host off-road events in coordination with ACTION HOBBIES of our friend Roland Hermoso and Garet Santayana.


We don’t charge for the use of our tracks.  However, we have R/C cars that you can rent under specified conditions:

  1. You gas up
  2. You pay (or replace ) for damaged parts.
  3. RC Rental starts at P500.00 per hour (with 15 minutes set-up time, so that’s 1:15).
  4. You clean it after use.

ON ROAD R/C can be accommodated on our basketball gym.  Due to space requirements, the best use of the gym of on road r/c will be for drift purposes.   Hone your skills here before you hit the official races.  (note: subject to availability of the basketball gym.)

IMG_5697drifting on sands

drifting on sands

hpi product


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